Saturday, April 22, 2006

the things i see....

...on my way and back from work.

the bus stop. lovely place, isn't it? the metal structure provides for seating that is warm in summer, and cool in winter. it's architecturally designed, err, roof and posts are magnificent; fit for ones such as i. and the designer cushioning also- wait, my bad.

and look, the interior designer's done wonders with the decorating.

i wonder who FT is. Fat Turd?

and i just found this picture incredibly cute. WHAT, don't look at me like that. it's a road.. and the poor skittle's fallen down. i don't know why, it looks comical to me.
i see snakes too. this one's a carpet python. morelia spilota imbricaila, i think. not sure if it's spelt correctly. [there, some scientific stuff. happy jon?]
ten bucks to anyone who can figure out what this one says.
more snakes. southern death adder, Acanthophis antarcticus.

i see cute dogs, too. with old ladies. man, imagine taking care of THREE dogs like that. it's not like they're mongrels that you can just.. keep in the yard. they need to be COMBED. i don't even comb my own hair, i sure as hell ain't combing a DOG'S [and don't anyone dare say it's like the same thing].

more creative artwork. this time, on a multiskip. oh look, there's a jelly cup on the bin.
somebody can't spell 'insane'.

wow, they even draw on TREES.

P.Diddy would be proud.

a brand new day is coming round the bend
troubles reaching for the end
and if you stray from the path my friend
i will pick you up again
Brand New Day Alex Lloyd


the boy in the clouds. said...

i suspect the "n sane" tag is from someone who is refuting their past as a/an "n*sync" obsessive. though i could be wrong.



harry said...

i love the last picture. you know the road to the observatory has such good photo potential..cept i sucked and didnt get anything. i know i'm pathetic. the trees were awesome though..with my bro's stupid sound effects. HAHA

Fin said...

tsk tsk future biologist in the making. i have left my mark XD next time you say you take crap photos, i will whack you man. Same for my cuz. Love the last shot...GO THE JELLY CUP! (and the southern death adder)